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How To Spot a Drain Problem

Most asbestos removals are due to home renovations, and once the asbestos is gone, plumbing can be your next hurdle. Our friends at Optimised Plumbing Services have some great tips on keeping your drains healthy and top tips to help ensure your dream project goes to plan without ruining your budget.

Now the asbestos is gone and your home has the all-clear, many homeowners and DIY enthusiasts will be busily cleaning debris and getting to work. But before you start – have you considered the state of your drains?

If you noticed any of the below symptoms before your renovation, it could be worth calling in the experts, particularly for blocked drains. This includes showers, toilets, basins, stormwater, and sewage drains.

The most common signs that something is wrong with your shower drain, toilet, and stormwater drains include a foul smell, overflowing issues, slow draining, and gurgling sounds. If you notice any of these issues it is paramount, you call in the drain experts. Optimised Plumbing Services – Sydney's expert plumber also warns about possible sewer problem symptoms.

"Be aware of slow-draining sinks, toilets, and tubs throughout your home," says Joseph Lahou, Director of Optimised Plumbing Services. "Look out for gurgling sounds coming from your drains, especially after flushing a toilet or running a washing machine."

Other signs of sewer drain problems include:

  • Foul odours coming from your drains or outside your home.

  • Water backing up into multiple drains at once, or even coming up through floor drains.

  • Lush patches of grass in your yard, even during dry spells, can indicate a leaking sewer line underground.

Fixing Drains Yourself

This is a big no-no with the experts in blocked drains in Sydney. Interestingly the over-the-counter products that claim to clear blocked drains can cause more problems with your health and pipes. If you are doing a renovation and are sure you've cleared the drain yourself, you could end up with a costly experience once the refurbishment is complete. Investing in a check before the new tiles and flooring go down could save you thousands in the long run.

"Plumbing systems can be complex, and it can be difficult for someone without proper training to properly diagnose the issue and fix it effectively," Joseph warns. "Using store-bought drain cleaners can cause more harm than good, as they often contain harsh chemicals that can damage your pipes and lead to more expensive repairs."

Attempting to fix a blocked drain yourself can also be dangerous. Most drains will contain contaminated materials that can make you sick, and then there is the risk of dealing with raw sewage or other unsanitary materials.

It's important to remember, like with your expert asbestos removal company - plumbers have specialised tools and equipment to keep themselves safe, such as drain snakes and hydro-jetting machines. These are designed to effectively clear blockages without causing damage to your plumbing system.

How To Keep Your Drains In Good Health

The emergency plumbers in Sydney have some great tips to keep your drains healthy. Maintenance is undoubtedly at the top of the list – meaning having a good routine of checking and clearing all drains is essential. Education is also crucial. Teaching children and teens not to flush anything that should not go down the loo is vital. As too; calling in the experts when you spot a problem. For your home drains tips include:

  1. Don't use store-bought drain cleaners that contain harsh chemicals.

  2. Address a blocked drain promptly, which can cause further damage to your plumbing system. Do not attempt to fix the problem yourself without proper knowledge or tools.

  3. Prevent inappropriate items being flushed down the drain, such as grease, oil, and non-flushable materials like wet wipes or feminine hygiene products.

  4. Pay attention to routine maintenance, such as regular drain cleaning and inspections, which can help prevent blockages from occurring in the first place.

Regarding stormwater drains, maintenance is still high on the list. It's important to clear debris and litter around your drains and ensure water can flow freely into this space. Joseph also recommends checking the drain grate often and removing any leaves or twigs to prevent water from entering and causing an overflow.

"Also, remove any standing water around the drain with a broom or squeegee to prevent it from backing up and flooding your property," he suggests. "If you have a drain that regularly becomes blocked during heavy rain, consider installing a catch basin or drain filter to prevent debris from entering the drain and causing blockages."

Spotting issues before they become a significant concern alongside essential maintenance and enlisting in a professional if you notice a problem can save you thousands in unnecessary and emergency repairs.

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