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Asbestos – What to Do

Think you’ve got asbestos in your home? Wanting to know what you need to do? Asbestos Removals Marlborough gives you the facts when it comes to removing, disposing, and dealing with asbestos problems in your home or office.

It’s normally one of the last things people consider when contemplating a renovation or when buying a home. Asbestos. The facts are if your home was built, renovated, or extended from 1950 to 2000 there is a high chance you could be harbouring asbestos in your home.

For most unsuspecting renovators, asbestos it’s not easy to recognise, and you could be putting your health at serious risk by not understanding the facts. Undisturbed asbestos doesn’t call for a huge amount of concern, however, it is advised to call in the experts to ensure that it is correctly sealed to prevent any disturbance or future unsafe removal. Many councils will require any asbestos to be recorded for future purposes.

Your contracted builder will be regulated to ensure they identify and call in the experts to test any possible asbestos during your renovation. However, if you are intending on doing the work yourself, it is vital, for the health and safety of your family, that you educate yourself on what asbestos is, and where it can be found. It is also recommended that you call in the professionals and get a ‘green light’ particularly if you are removing any walls or old flooring.

Help! They Found Asbestos

If your contractor has found asbestos in your home or refurb project, a licenced removal company will be required to come and remove, dispose, and clean. All asbestos will be required to be correctly removed before your renovation can be completed. Any asbestos more than 10 square meters will need to be removed by a licenced company that has the skills and knowledge to ensure you and your family are kept safe, now, and in the future.

Once all the asbestos has been removed you will receive a certificate that will ensure the area is now safe. All certificates should only be carried out by an independent third party. It is very important that you, or your family, do not occupy the area until you have this certificate. Remembering that asbestos is a silent killer. The longer you are exposed to the toxic fibres the more chance you have of developing a life-threatening illness.

DIY – Dangers

In this fast-paced and expensive world, many of us are looking at building or creating our dream home on very tight budgets. The boom in DIY projects over the last 10years has seen many budding office workers tackling some seriously complicated building projects – some have failed; however, many have produced breathtaking work. With so many reality television shows highlighting the DIY dream, many homeowners are willing to give the DIY project a go. Sadly, the dangers of asbestos have not enjoyed as much media presence. Leaving many homeowners at risk of exposure. Large projects need consent, these consents protect many aspects of building. Including asbestos. Those smaller projects, however, bypass the consent process and can see homeowners unknowingly coming into contact with asbestos.

If you are considering a renovation, no matter how small or large. Get the facts on asbestos and how it could be lurking behind your dream project. Call in the experts, budget for tests and certificates so that you can safeguard your health and safety. Saving some extra pennies for clearance will not only give you peace of mind but will also protect your most important asset – your family and health.

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