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Asbestos In Jewellery & Other Products

Did you know that asbestos could be lurking in your jewellery? Asbestos Removals Marlborough takes an interesting look the products asbestos is being discovered in. PLUS – when the world went crazy for everything asbestos.

With asbestos being a naturally occurring mineral, it’s no surprise it can pop up in all sorts of unusual places. With its impressive qualities, it was hailed as the wonder material until its highly toxic and deadly attributes were discovered, leading to worldwide bans. Since it was proven to cause mesothelioma, lung cancer, and many other forms of cancers, governments around the globe have taken steps to reduce, remove and halt the production of this deadly fibre.

You’ll be surprised to know that if you are a gemstone lover, you could be wearing a very small piece of asbestos. Although the risks are very low, if these gemstones break, or worst they encounter young children, you could be at risk of minimal exposure. Ensuring your gemstones are not damaged or ground is the best way to protect against any possible exposure. There is a much higher risk to those who carve and polish these beautiful stones.

It’s also important to note that many gemstones can contain dangerous particles when broken, ground, and inhaled. So, ensuring you keep your gemstones in good condition is vital. Throw away any broken or damaged stones. Many countries now ban the importation of healing stones and gemstones that may contain asbestos.

What Else is Asbestos In?

It’s fascinating to know how many industries used asbestos before discovering its toxic properties. From cigarette filters in the 1950s to fake snow in the 1930s! This highly dangerous fibre was used in many different areas until the health implications were uncovered. Over the years this has led to a huge change in the way we view the use of asbestos, and also the countless families and lives that were directly affected over the years.

Before the discovery of asbestos being a silent killer, the world simply adored this versatile and incredible product. Being super fire retardant and flexible material, it was easily adapted to suit a whole host of needs. Being cheap, durable, and fireproof and a perfect insulator, the world just couldn’t get enough of this amazing product. It all seemed too good to be true…and sadly it was.

It was estimated that it was used in over 3,000 industries around the world! It was easily imported, exported, and happily mined. Protective clothing was hailed as indestructible if it was spun from asbestos, meaning many uniforms, were developed from this fibre exposing many firefighters and army personnel to unknown exposure. This also included aprons, coats, gloves, and any garment that needed an extra dose of insulation or fire-retardancy.

Other Interesting Asbestos Containing Products

  • Hairdryers – asbestos was used to insulate and protect the heating element.

  • Ashtrays – to stop them catching fire.

  • Talcum Powder – in recent years some talcum powders have been discovered to be contaminated with asbestos.

  • Make-up - mainly made up of talc, interestingly in 2020 in the USA a study by the Environmental Working Group discovered out of the 21 cosmetics samples tested, three samples came back positive for asbestos.

The key to keeping you and your family safe is to only purchase good quality products from a proven source. Do your homework and research before purchase, and be wary of older products such as hairdryers. Remembering that asbestos is only highly toxic if the fibres become airborne and are disturbed.

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